This Is Why I Write

I started writing in 2008. It was therapeutic to the avid journal-er in me. I have journals dating back to when I was in second grade. The purple leather journal with a clasped metal lock and pink ballet shoes adorning the cover, captured my younger days. Simpler days. I "upgraded" to a bright green steno notebook that is somewhere in a box from many moves, slowly falling apart at the seams, and needs to be copied before the pages disintegrate.

These journals are filled with my life's experiences. When you desire be older when you're a little kid it seems like life has so much more to offer. I realize that so many parts of growing up include realities you never knew existed in life. Fantastic realities and heartbreaking realties just the same. Yet, it's life and it wouldn't be without any of those experiences.

A theme in my journaling over the years has been trust. Through friendships lost. Relationships crumpled. Joy gained. Love endured. Hope renewed. This is why I write. So much of life is filled with words we truly have no association with in our own lives. We talk about love, grace, trust, joy, perseverance, and act like we understand how to apply those, how to tap into their power, without understanding where they all come from. It leaves us flat; words on a page that anyone can write about, but not everyone has fully experienced.

So how do our words mean anything? God's pretty awesome because he created speech & text, but within the context of that He created something called the 'verb'. (Don't worry, I won't give a grammar lesson...I stink at that stuff!) The verb demands action & intent. It's a tangible testing of the heart of the voice speaking these words. It's a pretty good checks-and-balances system, in my opinion. This is why I write.

Writing has become a way of life in some many seasons. I might not be the typical creative, but my heart is here in black and white and when words flow it sometimes amazes me what comes out. Not that I'm impressed with myself, more so how I'm impressed with what God allows to come out. It might not help anyone or be profound, but the freedom that comes from expressing your heart in a tangible way is pretty close to how feeling known is like. We all want to be known. Some of us do it through our careers, our hobbies and our relationships. This is why I write.

People might not relate and they might not understand fully, but they can see it & see my actions. My hope is that by reading, people can run that litmus test against what I say and what I do. I know for me I've probably not been a consistent person at times in life (yep, fully aware of that and I wouldn't write if I thought I had it all together).

A parting thought for each one reading this is to make certain you are you. Do what you say, mean what you do. Writing helps keep me accountable to myself. Since I put myself out there in blog-land I know it can be rejected or fall flat. That's okay with me. Staying the course and truly pursuing the end goal of loving others and loving God is my journey. I'm thankful you are on that journey in some small way with me.

This is why I write.

The Hesitant Scrapbooker

I'm a great idea person. I know it's one of my strengths. One of my weaknesses? Finishing projects! Not deadline specific ones for my clients, but crafty or personal projects. Since there is no urgency really, it's just for fun, I can start a project, but finishing is hard to do for me.

I've always wondered why this is. I think because some of my best work is when there is pressure and a little bit of stress associated with it. I use to feel bad about that. After attending Killer Tribes productivity session, I'm embracing it. I also watched Mad Men season premier last night and got so inspired by true marketing & advertising genius! I wish I could go back in time where creativity was king in that world, but none-the-less, I got re-inspired when it came to capturing life.

I long to have a collection of photographs nicely compiled in a book that will last for my kids', kids to look at. Last year, when Jack turned 1, I patted myself on the back because I was actually able to complete a full year of Jack's life in a scrapbook. This was a BIG deal for me. 

This year he turned 2. 

So where's the scrapbook Lisa?'s all on my computer. Not organized. With my business taking off and a new one launching in June of this year it's been crazy. I've seen a lot of mom's pick up the Project Life scrapbooking kits and fill in their pages and have complete books for the year. The task seemed daunting to me for so long, but the desire to create lasting memories for Jack and future kids was more overwhelming than my feelings.

So, I went on HSN and ordered myself a kit! Plus, if you're a new member you get 15% off. Here is the coupon code. Now that I have money behind this venture, I've got to complete it. This morning I opened up my email to see that my order had shipped. I got a little anxious. It's coming (while this may seem dramatic, the feelings are true blue.)

Here is one of the options (I chose a different kit with different colors, but this was really cute!).

Wish me luck! :)

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Jack's 2nd Birthday: Toy Story Theme

Invites went out (most of them at least). It came and went. In a flash Jack was 2, the hay bales we struggled to load into an 18 passenger rented van sat useless on our side-yard and I was beat. I'm so thankful that we got to throw this party for him even though he won't remember it. Some people don't understand why you would go through all the fuss for a 2-years old's party. Why?

Because he'll enjoy looking back on the day in old photos, just like I do at my old pictures. They make me laugh and create an nostalgia like nothing else does. It takes you back. I like that feeling. He'll appreciate it (or his wife will) one day.
The Invitations

We did a Toy Story Themed party, but leaned more towards a cowboy "feel" since Jack loves Woody.

My Favorite Shot of the Day from our talented friend Amanda.

Simple cowboy eats: Slinky Dogs, Mr. Potato Head Salad, Chips,
Lemonade, Coleslaw, Baked Beans 
The Cake - in transit

My friend did an amazing job on this cake & cupcakes!
Thanks Candi!

Good friends having some dogs

He asked ALL day before the party for these cupcakes. He was waiting.

Two friends having a cupcake together

Presents time! That was hilarious as there was no organization whatsoever!

Cowboy Jack

What Cowboy party would be complete without our 3 chickens?

The day went so well. All the kids played well together, no one got hurt, and the weather was beautiful! Unlike the weather this last weekend. I was very thankful we threw this shindig a week earlier.

Cheers to another year baby boy. We love you Jack Jack.

Items listed in this post:

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All The Pretty Ladies

Hey gals! This blogs for you. I'm assuming that 90% of my readers are ladies, so for you 10% lone rangers out there, sit tight. This a makeup blog.

Recently, I have gotten some nice comments about my makeup and hair and wanted to share the "secret." I laughed again as I typed this sentence...I tend to LOL a lot when I write on my blog because I do NOT take myself this serious.

Why? Because this is SO not my industry. I am so not a hair or makeup guru in the slightest. Who am I? I'm a mom that hopefully slaps some makeup on her face after a shower (If I get one that day) in between working and raising my little Jack.

Now that we have all pre-conceived ideas about me out of the way, here are some of the products I currently use or like. I also have a makeup artist I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that I get tips from on Youtube. Glorious Youtube....what would we do without you?

Oh my, she's amazing. She's so young, peppy and super cute. It makes me love makeup even more because she really shows you HOW to do your makeup! This photo is my favorite because I love how my makeup looks based on one of her videos...and then there's this cute child of mine in it that just makes this picture the best!

Skin Care

I have really noticed a difference with these, especially after the harsh cold we have had here the last month! Mario Badescu rocks in my opinion. I suggest these for those with Dry/Combo skin. If you're Oily, there's tons a products for you too.

My 3 favorites - I have more products, but these are good day-to-day products.

  • Enzyme Cleansing Gel - it's a non-foaming cleanser, makeup remover and my daily face wash!
  • Cucumber Cleansing Lotion - It's a fantastic toner. Love it. Doesn't dry me out. 
  • Herbal Hydrating Serum - this is like blue magic! It's my nightly mositruizer and is truly nothing short of amazing. It's cleared up my dry skin and those fine lines that were showing up because of the weather...not because I'm getting older. ;) 

Hair - I need a cut & color badly!

  • Fat Hair Conditioner
  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Monthly overnight mask - If you have a Costco membership you can buy a huge jar of this stuff for really cheap! Make sure it's organic and extra virgin!
Makeup - I'm a drugstore girl, with some higher end favorites. 
  • Eyeshadows: Love ULTA eyeshadows! They're fabulous for everyday. 
  • Mac Eyeshadows: Naked Lunch (lid) and a mix of others! 
  • Foundation: I use Mac foundation (Studio Sculpt) and Mac concealer. ~ In the past I have used Dermologica Foundation & Stila. Stila and Mac to me are pretty comparable with quality and pricing. Dermologica is a more sheer foundation and was great for my skin!~
  • Powder & Blush: ELF (target brand!) Love the bronzer and blush compact ($3) and the translucent powder compact ($3)
  • Lips: Loreal Fairest Nude + ELF Baby Lips Gloss (great for spring and more neutral lips)
  • Brushes: Jaclyn Hill turned me on to Sigma brushes. Changed my makeup routine completely!
The Essential Kit

My Go To Make Gal
She doesn't even know I exist, but the credit is all hers! Her videos are wonderful and have helped me so much with my skincare routine. You don't have to spend 45 minutes on your makeup. You don't even have to spend 20 if you have some of the basics down. :) Thanks Jaclyn for helping lots of women feel beautiful by empowering them to know how to do their makeup! 

You can find her on: Instagram | YouTube | Facebook 

Faces of Influential Women

Honestly, I had a hard time posting my face to this blog post after I just wrote the title: Faces of Influential Women. It seemed strange and a little awkward to promote it. Never want to seem like I'm coming across as "This is my blog, hear me roar" type of gal. 

So, why did I do this?

A few weeks ago I joined something called the Influence Network. It's a group of awesome, hard working, and creative women. One of the members, Nadinehad a great idea to linkup to help get to know the women of the Influence Network a bit better than just a forum setup. So, they gave us 3 things to post about ourselves. The only requirement was to write with purpose. Love this!

One photo I love:

Until recently, it's been rather difficult to find a picture I LOVE of myself. Not to be too dreary or hard on me, but baby's change you. I know my baby is now a toddler and almost 2, but my face has never really gone back to it's original shape. I just laughed out loud a bit after that comment, but it's true. Moms, you know what I'm saying! So, recently, on the ride to church I snapped the above photo. Lighting was great and the stars were in alignment. This then became my new social media profile picture. :) 

3 things you should know about me:

1.   My favorite color is yellow. It has been yellow since my elementary school days. Why? People never chose yellow when they were a kid. It was either purple, pink, blue....but mine was yellow because it was bright and sunny and cheerful. It still is and now, it's trendy! Yes, I held on long enough and now people like yellow. But, I had it first ;) This is also why I love my company's website so much and the name The Little Mustard Seed....because I got to use yellow!

2.   I love pickles! As a kid we use to go to Disneyland (when I lived in CA) and we got to choose one snack. I always chose a big dill pickle in the bag. It would last so long and was salty. I'm a salty person, not a sweets. I will choose a dill pickle any day over candy. 

3.   I was a PK. Years back, my Dad was a pastor at our church and so I was raised under the umbrella of "Pastor's Kid." Many of you who read my blog or know me personally already know this, but my Influence Network gals probably don't. No rebellious phase. I did take a break from church though right after I got married, because I needed a breather from some of the politics and personalities. I feel like God honored that "step away from going to church" phase for me. Sometimes it can get plain overwhelming. Anyone who is a church wife, PK or just serves in the church for long periods of time should read this book. It's a palette cleanser and very true to heart. I love Anne Jackson. She's a rockstar. Here's a quick video on the book and with the author.

Something the Influence Network has taught me:

There are healthy people who want community! I think from my days as a PK and now as a wife of a husband who works for a church in Atlanta, I am wary of arranged community. [That's for another blog] I'm a very loyal person and love having deep relationship with people, but it doesn't come overnight. It's built and not created. 

I like the Influence Network because I feel like people are listening, they're receptive and they are genuinely interested in your success and happiness vs. feeling competitive. No more competing ladies! True authentic support is key to us pursuing what we've been created to do and doing it with purpose. 


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