Thank God for California

Ya know....sometimes I feel sorry for people that don't live in California. Granted, I want to move out of this crazy, fast paced, smog filled state. But the great people of this state knew that there were people like me who, all they need to satisfy a long hard days work is a big juicy In-N-Out meal (I have to say meal, cuz I can't eat beef...poor me!) I mean, Whataburger and Sonic are OK substitutes when you can't have the real thing, but there truly is no place like this. Sorry NON-Californians. I don't travel much, haven't tasted tons of burgers (and have not always been beef intolerant) but nothing suffices when all I want is to simply get my Grilled Cheese with grilled onions, pickles, and lettuce home and take one huge bite as I debate with my husband over the David Cook vs. David Archuleta battle on Idol. That's all I ask....all I ask

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