Housing, Economy, Recession O MY

This economy stinks right now.  I was looking through house prices and estimates of how much certain areas have gone down.  Did you know Riverside County they are saying has been hit hardest in the entire NATION!? That's insane.  In four months, comps in the area have gone down $50,000 in certain areas.  Good thing we're in it for the long haul! Let's find the bright side....maybe our taxes will go down :)  

Hopefully by 2009 we'll get re-centered as a nation and figure out that "too good to be true" loans are just that.  People think that company's that take money from us are looking out for our best interest....haha! No! Rule number one in business!  You gotta be smart about your investments and be in control of your money.  Ok, I dont know if that's rule #1, but for me it is.  People let $$ rule their lives with how they pay their bills, house payments, etc.  Americans in general need to be more wise with their decisions about $$, although... a recession is part of the economic cycle.   

I think if more people knew about this "cycle" (<-- See HERE )it would give more people peace of mind knowing that it all comes back around.  What goes around has to come back around.  Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  Although this is a scientific theory, it proves true with lots of things.  People (life, death), Gravity (thrown upwards, comes down) Economics (Peak, Recession).  

"Ok folks, that's all for today's session here on the economy in today's world, please join me again for another class next week." And now check out this guy's site for a fun childhood memory blog (which is way less intense than my thoughts today!)

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