I love the Internet

I never grocery shop online.  I was the person who always said, people who get their groceries delivered are lazy people. I get the fact that if you're older or handicapped, this is a wonderful service.  Since I am neither of these, I always go to the store.  That was until today!  

I got a coupon for FREE Delivery in the mail and thought to myself, "Im tired, my back hurts, I've been driving in traffic today, I worked on my day off and I don't want to go to a busy supermarket."  I don't like fighting women with strollers or others that are on a mission and very much challenge your grocery cart status by zooming by and almost hitting you as you come down an isle.  So I did the unimaginable, I ordered groceries online!  Yes! 

About 20 minutes and $75 dollars later (no shipping fees) I just went grocery shopping for the next 2 weeks! Yippee! 

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