Positive Post Tuesday

Hello all! I'm still getting in the swing about posting daily. It's been a struggle with me working full time to blog everyday, but this guy's blog has made me want to be "better" at blogging, if that's a gift or talent or whatever you would call it. Genius maybe...? Whatever the technical term for a "good blogger" I'd hope someone would enjoy my random thoughts of the day like I have so many others'.

On to my Positive Post of the Day:

When I decided to write today I couldn't really think of a major stand out moment of positivity. I could think of a couple things, but nothing that would get a 5-star positive rating.

As I was on the phone with my husband I realized after our conversation how grateful I am to have a job in this economy. As I sit here at my desk and hope that my boss doesn't quite notice I'm not researching every second of the day...I thought wow...I couldn't ask for a better job, a better boss, and although its not my lifelong career choice I enjoy being stretched in my work environment. Not everyday, no...im not that upbeat, but overall I'm learning. Im not bored which is by far the worst thing to be in a job. It makes your mind wander. I am so thankful to be able to work because there are far too many people that can't, much less have the option right now.

My positive post also needs to include an encouragment to those that don't have a job or those that hate their jobs. For an entire year into our first year of marriage I couldn't land a job to save my life. I worked many odd jobs, but even with a full-fledged certified bachelor's degree in Business Marketing, no one wanted to hire me. That was tough time, but I realize NOW as I think most of us do, after God works, that he was watching out for me the entire time. Never could I have imagined I would be treated like I am at a job, trusted with things beyond my years, and have already gained the respect of my superiors. Never would I have imagined getting a promotion 6 months into being at a new job, being able to have a somewhat flexible schedule and be close to home so my commute isn't a bear here in SoCal.

That's all for today! While I wouldn't call it my dream job, I can call it my answer to prayer! And thats something to feel positive about! :)

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