This post will be about my friend Aubrey.  I've known her since she was two (our parents went to bible study together) but we really didn't get to know one another until our junior year in high school.  She played soccer and so did I, she was just better than me and so we never actually were team mates.  Currently she is a journalist for a magazine in town, but she has recently been working hard at starting up her photography business.  While she's just in the beginning phases, you guys should check out her blog.  She's probably the nicest person I know and everyone loves her.  She just celebrated her 1 year anniversary with her husband Luke.  They live in southern cali just like me and Steven.  If you live in the SoCal area, email her and she'd love to take your pics! 

Aubrey's photos are great and she would love to photograph your family, kids, etc. just so she can get her foot in the door in this business.  She is working for a photographer in Huntington Beach currently and is doing weddings, family portraits, graduations, and many other things. So  go check out my friends site!  It's worth a glance!

This is my Positive Post (for a good friend) Tuesday.

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