Shake, Rattle and Roll

That was a stinkin' big earthquake! I am currently working in a building (10 miles from the main earthquake site) that is over 50 years old and I work on the 2nd story.  If anyone is from CA you know you feel earthquakes totally different on the 2nd story! This one is reported at a whopping 5.6! I'm bracing for aftershocks!


  1. gotta love CA. it was a 5.8 too. check this out:

  2. so it's fun to read your blog! you post alot, which is nice. and i am glad to hear you are all okay with the earthquake! i hope the aftershocks aren't too bad... much love!

  3. i hope you guys are okay! we felt it down in san diego too. that's lame that your work doesn't have AC. I would die!



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