Today I picked up Steven from another trip and then we went to take care of little max at his parents.  
1. Had a nice lunch at CPK (but didn't eat pizza) with the hubs.
2. Going to spend some time relaxing today.  Wish we had one of these (minus the little kids).
3. Tomorrow is going to be a long work day!
4. I would love to have this morality debate. It's #3 bullet point.
5. My shower curtain needs to be cleaned.  I hate that mildew smells!
6. I need to vacuum too......hmmm
7. My Core Rhythms workouts are really awesome! They kick my butt!
8. Cant wait to turn on my AC.  It's getting warm!
9. That's all folks!

*By the way...if you read my blog add me to yours and I'll add you to mine!

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