And the line goes on.....

Yesterday was iPhone day. Steven and I decided to get up a little early on our beach trip day and see if we could snag our iPhones that he says, "He has waited for, for so long!" So, after a Starbucks Black Tea Lemonade about 90 minutes into our standing in line a nice man from the store in a very official looking suit came out to greet everyone. "Hello, thank you for waiting. We unfortunately only have about 35 phones left." I instantly started counting the # of people in front of us to find out there were about 75 people in front of me. Great!!! But, you needed to continue to wait in line, to pre-order the next shipment (7-10 business days) so that you would be guaranteed a phone PERSONALLY ordered just for you. Or you could come back tomrorow to wait again! No thank you! So....after 4 hours of line standing we finally arrived inside the AT&T store.

We got to the front and the guy behind the counter goes ok what can I help you with? I'm thinking to myself (who is not in the most patient of mood since the beach day we planned was slipping further away) "Do you need to ask what were are here for?" Seriously?! But I nicely said, 2 iPhones please

Well, Rufus was very helpful and then quietly revealed the LAST iPHONE IN THE ENTIRE STORE was there for me! Although VERY confused due to the fact that about an hour earlier they had clearly stated they had sold the very last 8GB iPhone, i was excited and very tired. Yay! But, then Steven who had been the excited one about getting this phone wasn't going to get his for "7-10 business days."

All this to say, we got one iPhone, got to the beach for some sun tanning action, has a nice Cheesecake Factory dinner and drove home on the 91 freeway in traffic. And.....he still doesn't have his iPhone! But...dont despari!! Sir, it will be just "7-10 business days."

*The picture above is the line 2.5 hours elapsed

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