Whistle While you Work Wednesdays

I think I'll start my own little catchy "day of the week" blog.  This is an area I would love to hear about your Wednesday work day.  Good, bad, indifferent....let me know!

Thank God for things like this!

Usually Wednesday is referred to as "hump day." They day where at the end we celebrate because there are only 2 more work days in the week.  Today, however I feel very anxious over the fact that I ONLY have two more days left.  I have soooo much work to do! I was thinking I could post funny things that have happened at work that make my blood pressure rise, but I figured because blogging is the new "thing" to do, I better not, in admittedly fear of people reading it and figuring out its them.  There are so interesting personalities to say the least and I think I will forever be adjusting to the nuances of educational institutions.  I love my job, but I would be open to a career anytime! :)

How are your Wednesdays?

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