Whistle While you Work Wednesdays


Today is again Wednesday! Comment on this blog if you have written about your work day on your blog! After yesterday's quake, I've been a little on edge, my AC isn't working and I know the sun is peeking through to test my patience with the heat, yet again.  As I look at my desk I have some unfinished "stuff" to do, yet none of it is attractive to me at 7:28 am this morning.  

I got some cool stuff from Ikea for my office however and am excited to decorate, not so much work. Some envelopes to mail, a returned envelope that I have to investigate and my yellow legal notepad all aide in this desire not to work today.  This wasn't supposed to be a blah kind of post.Anyways, I went to Ikea, which although not my favorite for high end stuff, really does the job for dorm rooms, inexpensive decor and office furniture.     My walls are going to be a gray color with muted mossy/algae green accents and silver and natural tones to make it feel more au natural.  Im excited to see the end product and maybe I won't mind sweating it out.  I don't want to complain, our maintenance staff is awesome where I work, but the building is old, so it lends itself to no AC type problems from time to time.  Only a couple more weeks I think and hopefully fall will set in early.  

That's all for now! Let me know how ya'll are and I'm working on getting your blog names back up on my sidebar.  

P.S. My AC just turned on! Yes, its gonna be a good day!
P.P.S. I find it odd I titled this blog Whistle While you Work Wednesdays, because I can't whistle.

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  1. I like doing WWYWW! It's fun. haha. I think Jon & Kate is coming out on DVD soon! We should have a Jon & Kate party that would be fun. I might come see Phil and Steven play on the 16th :)



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