It's funny because since the Olympics started I have seen nothing but Michael Phelps.  We have them DVR'd so we can watch them through all the commercials.  It's been fun, but we have fallen WAY behind.  We have like 24 hour of DVR to go through just with the Olympics.

You can definitely tell who the media loves....Michael Phelps.  Every-time I press the "Play" button he's on my TV.  It's been weird because I really think he looks like my brother.  His smile is different and has a little bit larger ears, but my brother is built like him, same hair cut, boy next door look.  Both athletes, 6'7 and huge feet that I believe that announcer called "fins." Anyways, I might be blind or am having one of those moments when people tell you that you look like someone, but no one else sees it.  This is the only sunglasses shot I could get of Michael Phelps.  I wish I had better pictures of both of them.

What do you think?

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  1. hahaha. like i said before, i could only WISH to be built like this guy. he's a freak.



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