Never Stopping to Pee

My day has been crammed full of everything you can imagine.  This is the only time I am going to get to post today so here it is:

  1. Wendy's salads went up 55 cents
  2. Fluorescent lighting is kinda nasty 
  3. Dasani water is so tasty
  4. I'm about to be in my 7th meeting of the week and its only Tuesday!
  5. Sometimes I ask myself where my focus is? I feel days like today distract me and I have a hard time finding it again.
  6. I got a nice new phone at work with all these specials buttons.  I do not have time to read the manual, so hopefully it will just work.  That's what advanced technology is supposed to provide right? An easier way to communicate?
  7. My little plants are doing quite well in my office space and look very zen like :) 
That's all folks! Sorry to go SSS on you, on a Tuesday!

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