Opening Ceremonies

After the Opening Ceremonies, I am more pumped than ever about this years' Olympic Games.  I have always loved watching both Summer and Winter Olympics full volume, always on and being recorded: swimming, running, gymnastics, unlike this guy, somehow wishing that I could be a part of it.  This wish was more when I was little and an athlete of sorts, but I always get this sense of pride and excitement when they play the official anthem for the games.  I got to watch the opening ceremonies with my husband and I think I have said this a gazillion times already, but my mouth hung open the entire ceremony.  

Never in history have I ever seen such a brilliant display of creativity and technologically advanced production.  It was freakin amazing!  We watched a lot of the athletes walk in, but I tended to fast forward to see the United States athletes enter.  While we watched all the different cultures, ethnicities and peoples represented, Steven turned to me and asked, "What country do you think holds the most physically beautiful people?"  It may seem like a funny question, but I really sat and thought about it.  I came to my own opinion that most Italian males are good looking and a lot of Indian women are the most beautiful people I have ever seen.  I had a friend in high school who was gorgeous and she never wore a speck of makeup.  

Kind of a funny thing to discuss so seriously during the olympics.....but the poll for today is: "If we are speaking specifically outer beauty, what country would you say would have the most beautiful people?"

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