Piggybacking on Brody's Topic

See his blog before you read mine....my blog is in response to Brody's blog.

.....When the news/media became about entertainment and not reporting the news is when this turned into a popularity contest. We however, aren't the only suffering generation. It started way back when TV first came about and political candidates could have the debates in a broader forum on radio and TV rather than just in city halls. (Thank you intro to media 101 for this knowledge)

Media = entertainment. I bet if you asked people what they thought media was, it would be some form of entertainment, not news or fact reporting. Think of how many celebrities are followed around while they shop for underwear. I mean really, who cares? But someone does care or we wouldn't see the paparazzi escalating in numbers. 

I guess my final thought on this issue is while "The Media" which would include us bloggers, have created this phenomenon about being entertained, having information about our favorite celebrities in an instant, and then blogging about them, has created this mass appeal for instant infomration. In order to be on board, the candidates I believe have to feed one of those avenues. McCain chooses the slightly boring approach of "I where a suit because I'm an important person and take my job seriously" approach.  Obama chooses the celebrity approach of "I'm eating at the Ivy for lunch for my picture gets taken for the world to see" approach. Same goal, just different methods. (*If you don't live in LA, The Ivy is a place that celebs go to eat lunch ONLY to be noticed)

I see it is as a "consumers" right to choose what fits best.  Just like we would PC & MAC. While marketing is so great I wouldn't buy a crappy piece of machinery, just because it was cool. Maybe I'm outside the box on that one, but the SPECS are more important than the marketing. We just have to view our candidates that way.

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