Stats Suck Sunday

  • I like being lazy with my husband on days we have off together! This never happens
  • I do not like humidity! I hate being sweaty
  • I'm very glad I did dishes yesterday so I don't have a pile in my sink. I do not like dishes ha!
  • Phil's show last night was good, I think....all the gals/wives sat in the back and caught up like old times!  Be sure to check out his FREE Album!
  • Gonna make some good salmon and rice with crunchy noodles and water Chestnuts tonight!
  • I want to go back to New York sometimes soon! And Tennessee...I miss it there!
  • I love my little fishie. He has gotten so big since we got him at Petco a year ago
  • I love having an AC
  • Be sure to read about his story (bullet point one link)! I was kinda discouraged with the church in this area.
  • Have you played Enigmo? It's the new iPhone rage
That's all for this Sunday! 

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