The Stewart's (Jeff & Karen)

There is this awesome couple Steven & I have known only a couple years but truly love.  The Stewart's as we refer to them lead a church in Pomona Valley where Jeff is the head pastor.  In the past year, Karen was diagnosed with Lung Cancer after never smoking a day in her life and being seemingly healthy.  She also just found out that the disease has spread and she will now need to begin chemo.  In that same year Jeff had major kidney failure, had to go in finally for a transplant which was successful and this year will need to remove his bad kidneys (another major surgery).

The reason why we love them as people is that while they are going through what I would consider a really crappy time with medical bills, chemo, major surgeries, they remain positive.  Never in my life have I experienced such honesty about being frustrated, yet trusting that the Lord is watching over them.  Never have I had such candid conversations about life and death, disease and illness, good times and bad with anyone.  They represent to me a "special" brand of people God creates.  My strength in those situations I don't feel would be even close to where I "understand" theirs to be.  The reason I truly believe they are the PPT is that they are strong people.  It is not based on their effort to remain heroic for the congregation to see them as examples of great faith and never wavering, but it is their ability to say "Hey, this sucks God" "Hey, this could be really really crappy if one of us didn't live through this," yet to always rest in the fact that at the end of the day, He has us in His hands.  

This is where I find people's strength in a situation like this.  The ability to question God to me shows our trust and faith in Him that he will A) Provide an answer, regardless B) That through it all this is where we are at this moment and there WILL be an end to this season.  This kind of strength doesn't promise anything and that's why they call it FAITH, it draws up closer to that relationship literally having to rely on that faith.  I find that strength in faith is an irrefutable power that is God-given and it is truly revealed in tough times. Karen & Jeff are great people.  Nothing "super-duper spiritual about them", yet a sense that they know their creator and he above everyone else has every answer, comfort and has sustained his promises through His son.  Jeff & Karen we love you guys!  If you think about...pray for these guys and keep updated on their blog!

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