What Say You The Jury??

It's been a running joke in my family. The day I turned 18, jury summons' started arriving at my house like annual birthday cards. I'm not exaggerating. I get one every year on the dot! It's so frustrating sometimes to think there are probably tons of retired individuals that would love to serve on a jury but they always picked me, a full-time student who worked part-time to pay bills. Now, working full-time probably one of the busiest weeks I have at work and I get jury service.

I'll tell you my last experience at City Hall. Where I live, the county hall has limited parking so they have rented out dirt lots to park all the jurors in. We pull into this lot and there is a rent-a-cop and about 5-6 homeless people just hanging out where we park our car. I have nothing against the homeless, but I think that parking out in a deserted dirt lot with limited security and literally a drunk man wandering and talking to himself at 8am in the morning, doesn't bring comfort to me as I stepped out of my car.

I then proceeded to wait for the trolley to pick us up and bring us to the front of city hall, which is blocks away. We get there and you have to wait in a line for about 45 minutes to get into city hall. We get in and over the weekend I had been at a concert and had left my digital camera in my purse. "Ma'am, no cameras in here." I smiled hoping something like being a female and smiling nice would work and apologizing, "I totally forgot it was in here...am I going to need to leave it somewhere while I'm in court?" The man starred at me like I was nothing new and no, my cute smile was not working on him, "You'll have to bring it back to your car ma'am" ARE YOU KIDDING!? So I waited in 45 minutes of line and took a trolley all to do it again.

Round 2: After my camera was safely back in my car I did the above wait in line routine one more time. I'm back in court & sitting there for hours until they call my name to head into the jury room. I sat there and was praying please don't call my name for jury box, please don't...."LISA, you're up" Crap! I sat there and was interrogated much like the defendant, who had stolen a pack of gum, must have been! I'm here for a pack of gum? Can I just pay whomever back and we can all be done with thing? The judge starts:

J: Lisa, where do reside?
Lisa: I answer my city.

J: What do you do?
Lisa: I am a business student (at that time I was taking 23 units so this defeinity wasn't convienient)

J: Do you have a significant other? Boyfriend, someone who you're close to??
L: Yes.
J: "What does he do?"
Lisa: I'm thinking to myself, awesome! I'll tell them we're Christians by just saying my fiance plays in Christian bands and he plays Christian music, yes....I'll be outta here! No one in California is comfortable with a Christian... I answer: He's in a Christian band sir and plays Christian music.
J: Whom with?
Lisa: Again I'm thinking, what does this matter? I answer: The Kry (thinking I know they were popular long time back, but probably no one here knows who I'm talking about).

* At the moment I said this a flurry people started whispereing and hush hush talking. One juror in the box turning around and said, "really?"
The Judge procdeeded to quiet everyone, because obviously what I had said made a stir with peoople who once knew the Kry. This is amazing I thought, this will relaly get me outta here!

Then..........the decision..........I GET PICKED!

After much more to-do and a story that could be pages longer, I got in my car and went home. See, after all that and picking a jury the defendant decided to settle. So, all that wasted time for nothing. And they say the inmates aren't running the asylum. I wish I had that much power to say, here is the $0.50 for your pack of gum, Defendant: you're going to jail for stealing and we're all out of here! But no, they leave that up to the guy who did the crime. And thousands of people each year, lose work days becuase someone stole a pack of gum.

I hope out of this story someone has felt my pain or at least found some comical relief in knowing that you probably have expereinced similar situations. I go in Tuesday and it will be eventful. I will blog on it! Keep a look out.


  1. I'm sorry you have to go to jury duty again. That's so weird you get one every year. I got a couple but luckily I got out of them. My mom's friend gets them all the time too, and just never shows up for them and supposedly the court doesn't care.

  2. I found your blog via juryexperiences.org. I had my own jury story last week.



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