Whistle While You Work Wednesdays

Today is like any other day at work. Go, Go, Go! I never really stop and have realized that with driving time I am working around 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. Hmmm, no wonder I'm a bit wiped!  I have been working so many hours at work and find it hard for me to unwind when I get home.  I've been slacking on my workouts and this makes me sad as anyone who works out knows that it's like riding a bike up a hill.  If you stop, you gotta start from the bottom again.  I haven't gotten a minute to myself, so right now in the middle of the work day, I'm gonna take time! 

Yesterday night Steven & I were watching DVR'd Olympics that we are still trying to catch up on.  Only 120 more hours to go! ha  We were watching a segment in between competition on Kung Fu and this guy did a finger stand....that's right a hand stand on his two index fingers! It was amazing and I seriously can't even imagine working out your fingers so they can hold your body weight.

So, the rest of my day will consist of working until 5 and then possibly meeting a friend for coffee, unless we can meet this weekend and then I'm going to take a night to myself for once in a two weeks.  Phew, sometimes I can't believe time goes so fast, but looking at my schedule I don't wonder why.  

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  1. just reading this makes me tired. i think you need a spa day!



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