CAR Race (Call & Response)

Hi Friends!

Today I am starting my fundraiser support and am asking for your help! I have started training for the marathon and am working hard to fight against Human Trafficking.

I was trying to think how I would even make a dent in global slavery having been bombarded with different organizations that have taken hold of this horrible atrocity and made it their mission to make an impact. And then the LA Marathon was presented to me as a means to make a global impact for women and children in this specific area. Talk about divine appointment! Sitting at Faith Community Church, West Covina, CA I learned more about this and having read blogs from this guy about Call & Response and I couldn't NOT respond.


I need some advocates people! I am trying to raise $1500 in sponsorship of me to run the LA Marathon (but wouldn't be cool to raise $5,000??). Faith Community Church has over 700 members running just for this cause alone! It makes me happy to think that we could make a dent.

PLEASE TELL YOU FRIENDS, YOUR FAMILY, anyone you think would be interested in supporting this cause. It would be so rad to raise nationwide sponsors/support because of this BLOG FAMILY online. If you have a blog please Link to me!

See the running guy in my sidebar? He's my FUND FRIEND and if you click him he will bring you to my fundraiser page!
*All the legal/safety info about giving online are explained....believe me! Trust me! Your $$ is safe!

How will you make an impact on Human Trafficking??

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