Country First?

As I watched the GOP tonight and the video on John McCain I became more encouraged in who John McCain is as a leader.  Granted it is media like this guy discussed earlier, but I really got the sense that he was here because he loved being an American.  I'm not telling anyone how to vote, who to vote for, but I gotta say that if my job is to better the world,  I want to be able to make as much of an impact here as any other time in history.  

I think the freedom is given to us as a "get lucky" chance that we were born in America to an American family which allows me so many opportunities to serve people; that many others around the world don't GET to do or they are the sufferers.  So, for all you who aren't proud of our country go live somewhere else because there are plenty of good people that want to have the freedoms you take for granted.

So many people I hear want change.  Change is good, change is inevitable, but let's make sure it's change that is best for the future rather than the immediate now. Not just the bandaide, not just an easy political chant, let's really think about what we want changed.  I hear people say Yes We Can.  That's great! I can say "I can I can"....but unless I DO it doesn't mean anything.  For example: I can talk about running the marathon all I want, but unless I train for it and prepare and actually run it, it hasn't happened.  I just get nervous when people buy into the media hype and the slogans.  

I could chant slogans all day long, but we have to ACT and that's the problem I have with Obama.  I don't see much action.  I also don't care for the fact that everyone in Government politics tries to act like they are just like "us" mid-class folks.  I'm sorry Republican or make a TON OF MONEY and cannot be compared to us.  It's like me saying I know and understand everything about Britney Spears, I am just like her.  No, I'm not...I don't have two kids, haven't shaved my head, have not been divorced and haven't been a insanely huge pop icon.  So no, she is not like and visa-versa.  So why does Washington claim the same???

 Here is how I would want to vote for a candidate:

 Stance on Issues #1         |    Stance on Issues #2
                                                A. Stance                               A. Stance
B. Stance B. Stance
C. Stance C. Stance
D. Etc. D. Etc.

I don't need a bunch of red and blue elephants and donkeys (was someone smoking something when they chose these mascots??)  I just want straight cold hard facts folks.  That's how America was started.  You vote this box if you agree with these set of items.  You vote this box if you agree with this other side.  Easy, simple, yet so freaking complicated now.  I thought things were supposed to get simpler as we got more advanced in our technology and our thinking, but to me they've gotten more convoluted and over saturated to the point where we don't even want to watch anymore.

Does anyone else feel me? 

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