Did Anyone See This?

First of all, it was movie night for me and Steven last night which was so awesome.  We don't ever seem to get those nights where we have a enough time to eat dinner and pop in a movie before someone (me) falls asleep.  Last night we decided to watch a Mighty Heart.  I hadn't heard anything about this movie, but I remembered very vividly what it was about.  I remember the news stories and the tabloids and the response from Colin Powell.  

While this movie is a little depressing since most people know the ending, I would recommend watching it.  Angelina Jolie (who I haven't ever been a huge fan of) did an amazing job as Daniel Pearl's wife.  Her role was amazing and I really believed this character.  I have a hard time being obtimistic about these sort of situations because of the history that preludes all our efforts to find peace and understanding between faiths and people.  It's not, not worth to try I'm just observing humaness.  One of her quotes in the movie was "Wherever there is misery, they find people."  

As a Christian I took this a little differently and thought, man, this is such a satan characterisitc, dont you think?  I mean, he seraches for the lonely, abandoned, the disallusioned, the successful but not fulfilled people.  He searches and he finds and then he brings terror.  But she (Angelina's character) also said something else, she says  "Their whole point is to terrorize people, but I am not terrorized, and you should not be terrorized."  I think this statement if I were begging to find the Christian analogy here, I would say that this is what the Lord tells us, "Do not be afraid."

What it and let me know what you think....this is not a comedy people so plan your night accordingly.

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