I need your help!

So today was my big mile run day.  I hadn't run since Thursday so after taking 2 days off I felt a little nervous to run my 5k.  Obviously I am still training, but nevertheless this is time consuming and I don't plan on spending all this time and then failing my mission.  Today was a bad day :(  I had mapped out an area for my 5 mile run this morning and realized about .5 miles into it, that it was all hills.  I don't want to run hills because although it's good for me I want to train in as flat an area as possible for the 26.2 miles.  I use to run hills in Highschool and while it definitely gets you in shape, it also is really wearing on your body and muscles.  I need to conserve as much as possible so I can last through my week training sessions also.

So, after about 1.25 miles...which is nothing to run at this point, I practically was dying.  My lungs burned (really bad!), my arms hurt because I wasn't getting enough oxygen and my face was so red like I had just run in the hottest heat.  I guess I feel like I failed because it shows me how out of shape I'm really in and I didn't get my long run in.  It's scary to fall behind in your training because to catch up it takes double the work.  So, tomorrow guess what I get to do....ugh! I will have to run this tomorrow and maybe I can drag Steven with me on half of it.  

I need your prayers!  Have you ever failed at one of your goals?  How did you get back up and do it until you succeeded?

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