Last night I went to church and signed up for the marathon.  It's official! I start my 26.2 journey and actually am on track which is exciting to not be behind.  I got some good tips from a friend about how to map out certain running areas and particularly how to stay within in neighborhood that I feel safe running in.  Running on our treadmill is great, but honestly, I get super bored! I will stop running just because I am bored not because I am tired. 

I got so many tips on how to eat and how to train and boy! This is going to be such a time commitment.  I'm a little nervous about that because I work so much and very much admit that my job is a high intensity stressful job that when I get home I literally have to pick my feet up to get on a treadmill.  I'm hoping a friend of mine who says she is going to run it too will also be my encouragement partner while she is working out during the week.  If I have one person to run with then I'm good, it pushes me.  And the short runs (4 miles!) will be doing that during the week by myself.  Never in my life did I think that I would consider 4 miles short!!

Stay tuned for my running updates...

What do you all run to?  I need some good iPod suggestions.  Right now Creed, Avril and that style of music pumps me up.  Help me out here and repond!

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  1. your running right by my house! what time do you go running around?



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