My Workout and My Vice

So I told you I would keep you all updated on my marathon run.  Tonight was a hard workout.  I hadn't done this much since I was in sports back in high school.  I did 4 miles tonight.  I averaged about a 5.6 hour marathon time (this included brisk walking for brief periods)  I'm tired.  We just got a new treadmill and I'm so stoked that I don't have to wait at our little gym for someone to finish.  Plus, I feel more motivated that it's there and I don't have to drive anywhere to get to working out.  Sometimes while I run I get discouraged because it's really hard to focus for that long.  It's not that I can't breathe or that my legs are tired....I just get bored.  I think running outside sometime will be good for me too because scenery motivates me.  You can tell yourself....Ill get to the next lamppost or the next fire hydrant and then when you get to that you can tell yourself, I'm going to get to that fence and so on....It pushes you.

So now, I will tell you about my vice.  I love coffee.  I tried drinking it when I was a kid and MADE myself like it! Haha Now, I just love my iced coffee in the morning with a little toffee nut flavor.  I've also noticed that when I have a little caffeine it helps me run better.  Now, I still drink tons of water, but that little ice coffee friend of mine is great.  Yay for Starbucks!  Ok, that's it! :) 

1 comment:

  1. Coffee twice a day. Love it. Not so much the running though.



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