Positive Post Tuesday

Do you know what Toy Story Clouds are? They're the kind of clouds that come right before and after a storm here in Southern California.  They are fluffy and bright white and dot the sky in a way that only Toy Story could accurately depict.  

I love Fall...it is very easily my favorite season and I always wished I lived somewhere that got a little bit colder or winder or crisp.  I feel as the weather begins to change so does everything else. There is just something in the air that calms people.  I think during the summer everyone is in a hurry to "be somewhere." Where, during the fall months everyone hunkers down for another day of sweaters and scarfs and hot cups of coffee.  Staying under the blankets a bit longer in the mornings is a comfort as well where we go from sweating it out to bundling up.  Food changes from sandwiches and salads to bowls of soup and corn bread, hot turkey dinners and cider.  The landscape changes from searing hot summer days to cool breezes and browned leaves that fall from their native branches.  

Always have I had this vision of reading next to a fire with no obligations and sipping hot cocoa with Steven.  I find that it's hard for us to relax a lot because of the amount of time we get to spend together (it's not a ton).  Lately though, I have been thankful that God realized my need in this area and has had him home a bit lately before he heads out on tour.  I love spending cooler night out in our backyard, listening to the birds chirp and having a good warm meal while we watch Heroes, Season 2.  ;) 

This positive post is just a general rambling of things I love in the Fall and that for me, this is the most positively calming time of the year.  

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