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This is a side note: from the pictures I'm posting it seems like I am always eating junky food. This is not the case, just usually when I have a down minute to actually take a picture I am somewhat relaxed and not in full motion, thus the iced coffee and Salt & Vinegar chips (which I had with my sandwich for dinner last night). Ok, now that I feel justified in my eating habits, ha, it's positive post Tuesday!

I have to admit, sometimes on an early morning its hard to think super positively because of the fact that I'm tired, I don't want to be at work yet, and my office is somewhat interesting....I'll leave it at that. My post today is about my brothers David and Patrick. It's really cool to see your siblings (especially being the oldest) grow up and become adults. It's a strange phenomenon or at least it was for me when my brothers started opening the door for me and not trying to slam it fast so I couldn't get in. It was strange to be able to talk with them about serious real adult conversation subjects like politics, and relationships and stuff. It makes me so thankful that even though I wanted to move to Nashville last year that I got even more time with them because although we don't talk every week we're still really close.

I always wondered if that would happen. I mean, I'm the only girl in the siblings and I got married and both those things little brothers don't tend to latch on to very easily. I'm excited though that I think me being out of the house has made us closer. I know that David and I will always tend to discuss more relationship type things, where Patrick is an introspective thinker. He's a challenger and just because I'm older doesn't mean I'm right (in his eyes, ha!)

Patrick: He's the guy I know I can always call if I wanted to grab a bite with someone or go to our favorite frozen yogurt place when Steven is gone or call if I need someone to come over and stay the night when Steven is gone because there are crazy people making strange phone calls to my cell phon (long story).

David: He is the guy that I can call when I need to have a listener and someone to say ah, that sucks, ya I totally get that (even if he doesn't care). He also is someone I can grab a bite to eat with.

Both of them: We can rock out to Rock Band for an hour or so, til' I get too tired of playing drums or singing songs I don't know

I love my brothers. We don't hug, thats awkward, we don't say we love one another to one another's faces (cuz that's awkward), we don't even really have long conversations on the phone....but I know that both of them would be there to defend me, protect me and stand up for me not only as brothers, but as men. I think both are such positive men in a society where there are so few gentlemen!

Cheers to you guys!

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