This is a random blog day.  Ill talk about a few things today:

  1. Yesterday my kind husband went running 3.25 miles with me....what a trooper.  It is freaking hard to run mile after mile when you haven't trained.  He did good :)
  2. This site is awesome and if you want your blog to look anything like something cool, check these guys out.  They have an amazing set of tools to help market just about anything for you.  Give em' some though if your in the business of needing to sell your products online.  
  3. I don't know what I'm having for lunch yet, but I am getting tired of always needing to decide what food I am going to eat.  This is why celebrities hire personal chefs!  I need one of those.
  4. It's so quiet in my office because everyone left for lunch! What a nice time :)
  5. Again, my mind wanders to food....I had this last night for dinner.  Erin should love this! 

You can see how organized my mind feels right now by the complete switch of subjects in my comments.  Aren't you glad it's Friday?!

1 comment:

  1. I clicked on the link to find out what you had for dinner and it gave me an error message. What did you have? I must know!!! I'm dying over here! =)


    Oh! By the way, I'm not pregnant. Although that's not a bad thought... =)



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