So I've missed my own Whistle While you Work Wednesday, lets say about 3 weeks in a row now and so I figured I better do this or Sara will stop following me, ha! Let's see, work? It's been crazy busy and I feel like it will never slow down.  It's interesting, because I think I'm trying to decide what I want in life....like what do I really want to be doing?  I've had this discussion with some many people and here is my theory:

I'm not good at one thing.  Like my husband, he is excellent at playing the guitar.  He has many other skill sets and leadership qualities, but God gave him this raw talent that is very centered in one area. Granted the other things his is good at are used in conjunction with playing guitar, but he was meant to play the guitar!  It's in him!

As for me, I ponder many days, God, why did you give me bunches of different skill sets, but never really fine tuned them to just one thing I was excellent at?  Maybe God is creating a specialized job description just for me.  My strengths are in lots of different areas (where usually my weaknesses also fall), but gosh darn! I wish I just knew....THIS IS WHAT I AM SUPPOSED TO BE DOING.  I need to come to terms I guess, I'm almost 24 and am realizing that God doesn't work like that, ha! Duh! I already knew that, but make an exception to the rule for me??? :) 

So, here I am at work, not really knowing what my calling is, but definitely knowing it's got to do with being transformational in how people think about their lives and starting that thought at a very early point in peoples lives.  I'm a decent writer, I usually have a lot to say.  On the other hand I'm a business person at heart and love the marketing aspect of getting people to envision what this COULD look like if we did it correctly.  What is cutting edge? Change? What impact should this make on our young people, our lives and the 'Church with a capital C?

 I think He's doing a work in me by allowing me to really struggle with these things, so that maybe I fine tune my skills myself (although it would be a lot easier if HE did it for me) although being me, I probably wouldn't like the choice because I wouldn't have had a say in it! (that is the stubborn -weakness, I can do things better, side of me coming out)

The big guys are in the office and I gotta run!

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  1. I won't stop following you (that sounds so stalker-ish!). I haven't done WWYWW in forever either! I feel the same way you do...I wish I was good at one thing that I knew was what I was supposed to be doing. It's kind of good to be well rounded I guess.



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