12 miles

So today I was really proud of myself.  Most times I don't give "me" credit, but after my 12 mile morning run/walk I was pleased I didn't flake and just sleep in.  I got started around 8:05 am and ran consistently without stopping for about 9.5 miles.  I then walked the final 2.5 miles because my legs felt like they were grinding bones.  I think I finished in about 2.75 hours which I felt was very good considering the first 3 miles are at an incline that is really insane.  I live near the foothills and so I ran a good solid amount of time.  The weather was breezy and cool and so nice. 

After my music stopped working about 2 minutes into my run I was stuck holding my iPod that didn't work.  I also had to find a place for my jingling keys and chapstick.  So ladies...i'm sure you've already thought about how I pulled this off.  Thank goodness for sports bras!  I think my keys kept my beat, jingling all the way.  But after your mind gets over telling you that you should stop and that you're tired and should just go home, you get to really enjoy your scenery.

I found out there is a discount nursery on a street I ran down and I'll have to check it out.  I saw a red tailed hawk just hanging out enjoying the morning and I ran past a very small garage sale. That reminded me of the Office episode where Jim & Pam run a 5K for rabies and stop at the garage sale for a lamp!

Now, I'm resting with my Bengay and Aleve in full force!

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