The Blog Guru - PPT

It's funny because I don't really 'know' Brody Harper very well on a personal level.  Steven and I visited Nashville about a year ago and he and Kristin were so kind to take us to dinner and show us around a bit.  They are truly generous people who have the most adorable little boys! Kristin, Brody's wife blogs too and keeps everyone updated on their family status.  It's great to have a dual perspective! 

I've really gotten to know Brody as a blogger, I could almost call him my blogger leader because without copying some ideas to see what truly intrigues readers....I would have been lost in this enormous fish bowl I call Blog Land.  I have been super impressed with his fresh style and understanding of what post-modern generational cyberspace junkies want out of their artists (mainly Christian artists, whose websites/blogs he has personally created like: FEE, Phil Wickham, MercyMe, Natalie Grant, and many more ).

If you have never read one of his blogs you are sorely missing out.  It is my afternoon guilty pleasure; checking to see what updates he has regarding various topics within the realm of his expertise. Right now he is on tour with MercyMe making their blog interactive by making shows LIVE on their blog! How cool is that?  WHen is the last time you heard of a Christian artist doing that?  

He is also the co-founder and owner of SkorInc (a company that does marketing online a.k.a. blogging)

By the's Positive Post Tuesday (a special blogging day founded by Brody himself).  


  1. You are too kind. Your blog is great too. And I'm a massive fan of your husband too.

  2. I love reading about my son...He truly is incredible. thank you so much for the kind words...
    BTW, I blog his urging....

    Barb (Brody's Mom)

  3. do you do your blogging at work, or home? i'm curious.

  4. I am liking these little stories about people. He is a blog guru, I read his blog and I don't even know him.

    P.S. I am a fan of your husband too! But I think that goes without saying :)



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