So, the guys in the band are coming over after their gig tonight to get ready for their trip.  Now, I'm not a clean-freak kinda wife.  I like my house clean, but it's not going to ruin my night if it's not perfect.  But, our spare bathroom needed some attention.  I had bought some sponges perfect for this very cleaning event.  When I opened what I thought were 4 small sponges I found one very massive sponge that I couldn't even grip!  Steven ended up having to cut this thing in half because my hands were getting sore from scrubbing and then it flipping out of my hand because it was so huge.  I have pretty large hands for a women and I still couldn't grip it.....

I am proud to say, our spare bathroom is clean and now I officially can invite people in. 
"Ok guys, Dan, Jyro, Tyler, Daniel....the bathroom is all yours!

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