EAS -- What Does That Mean?

Erin Alaine Smith that's what it means and how Erin sometimes tags her blog posts or pictures.  I have been following her blog for quite a while now.  I find that I know lots of people through other people.  The way I really can connect with Erin is either through our husbands, which has been difficult trying to find time to hang with four busy schedules or through our blogs!  Erin is Keith's wife who Steven knows through the music business. She is a nanny to some cute little kids and documented her work days this summer with some pretty cool music videos of their daily activities on her blog that were fun to watch.

I wouldn't claim to know Erin super well on a personal gal-to-gal level, but I know her blog rocks!  Her posts are insightful, colorful and creative.  I have stolen a couple ideas off her blog because I thought they were pretty cool.  She got this awesome camera recently before she went to Europe for two weeks and I felt like I went on her trip to Croatia with her! 

So, wander on over to her blog when you leave my site!  You'll be glad you did! Do it!

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