Family Ties

I met Sara for the first time at the bridal shower my mother-in-law threw for me back in early 2007.  Up until that point I had never really met that side of the family because everyone was so spread out.  

She and her mom were so kind to come out and support me and Steven at my shower even though I had never met them! After that, I have kept in contact with her through our twitters and Phil Wickham concerts that she is able to come out to.  She loves Phil's music!  

She also has some good blog posts I like to respond to.  Right now, she is studying to be a psychologist, which always scares me because those people are constantly analyze others.  I'm kidding, it doesn't scare me.  Her discussions about theories and thoughts in how we are as people always intrigue me.  Hmm....I wonder what psych category I fall into?  

So, go check out her blog folks! She has some nice music on there as well as some recipes that I will have to try.  She seems to be quite the decorative baker!

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