If This is You...There is a Reward!

Now in the past 24 hours I have had all ya'll look at my blog.  I don't need to know your identity, or your name or why you check my site more than once, but I know you look! :) 

That must mean I'm writing something of substance I hope.  So, if you are one of the above people, I'd love to add you to my link list.  Maybe it's the feeling of insecurity that no one responds or maybe it's the fact I'm realizing that making a blog interesting enough for people to comment is harder than it seems.  This guy does an amazing job and my hope is to create something out of this little experience that entices people. 

Whether it's long lasting or not, I hope that I get your attention things, give my opinion and hopefully you'll respond. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT?  WHAT IS ON YOUR MINDS that should be open for discussion on my posts?

So here's the scoop....

The next 5 people to comment that they read my blog on this post will get a special blog post about their site or blog or about how I know them.  Try it! 


  1. i like different blogs for all different reasons.
    i love sarcasm and the vulnerability people share of them.
    things that make you think about something in a way you never would have noticed.
    cool DIY ones.
    and some are people make really cool diaries of theirs.
    its hard to post stuff that people will want to always leave a comment about. especially since i think a lot of us are reading them while we work haha. i think you have a cute blog with the themed days and stuff =)

  2. Oh sure... no Tennessee on that list... I see.

  3. I totally read your blog. =)

    Although, I subscribe to it so I don't think I show up on your "recent visitors" list.

    FYI- Google reader says you have 7 subscribers to your blog. Look at you, miss popularity. =)

  4. I read your blog! I love your posts.

  5. i think i read about every post, just don't comment! i think it's interesting! better than my sad little daily adventures, that's for sure! :)

  6. Dang it!!! I was so ready to make the cut. I'm number 6. That has got to count for something. My blog is totally cool too. ;) It's for music geeks.


  7. I FOUND YOU! ...again :)

    see you in blog land.
    oh, yeah, and on sunday in real life. :)



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