Ms. Matchmaker

This is Candice.  Since she was the first of six in response to my plea for post comments.  I love this girl! 

We don't see one another nearly as much as we use to, but I'll give our history.  Candice and I went to the same High-school (she was a year older) and also worked at the church my Dad was a pastor at.  I was always at the church and Candice worked in the Tech Department....Needless to say, we hung out a lot.  Sundays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and whenever else I was on campus for church related duties.

I will lay claim here that: CANDICE IS THE REASON STEVEN AND I WENT ON OUR FIRST DATE.  Steven doesn't like that because he swears he was going to ask me out the night Candice played matchmaker, but I don't care.  I recall standing in the sound booth and saying, "He's mine."  Being a PK & being at church all the time you see a lot of people come and go, but Steven I really wanted to get to know, and Candice knew I was serious.

We planned this little rendezvous between me and Steven for weeks at my church.  I would "help" her clean up cables and audio gear on stage while Steven packed up (Oh, the things you do to be noticed, ha).  Steven always seemed to talk to Candice more (and that's why I said, "He's mine")  Candice wasn't interested and come to find out Steven just was nervous to talk to me so he would talk to Candice about me! :) One night after church she said, "We should all go out" and then she bailed on us last minute....all in her little scheme to get us to finally go out.  The history!

Candice is one of those people that is honest I know I could ask her anything and she wouldn't beat around the bush.  She cares immensely for people and I always remember laughing a lot when we were together.  

So Candice...this ones for you!  

Everyone, just like you did for me....go check out her blog!  Read the one about the 'possum! It's hilarious!


  1. awwwwww! loved it!
    thanks, you're the best.

  2. that was so cute! i liked how you said you "helped" clean up cables and stuff and he's mine. haha.



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