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There aren't a lot of people I could say are my friends.  As a whole, I don't really trust a whole bunch of people.  My husband usually says, "You don't like anyone," (and as he reads this blog I know he knows why I tend to err on the side of caution).  It's not that I don't like people, but there is just something built into me that has a sense of whether I trust that person or not.  It takes no biases, which sometimes is really hard because I desperately want to get to know a person or become friends, but a lingering sense (Christian's call it discernment) doesn't allow me to fully let them in.  I think everyone has this sense, some people have a stronger hold on this sense just like other gifts in other people (hospitality, giving, encouragement).  

I've truly worked on trying to figure out this "thing" of mine...but altogether, the times I have been wrong are completely shadowed in the "I told you so" thoughts of mine when someone hurts me or wrongs someone I love.  So, it's a big day when I genuinely have a good sense about people.  It might seem weird to say this but after meeting the Fee Guys on Saturday when they played with Phil, they all struck me as "good people."  I like them, for some weird reason, as human beings and I don't even know them.  I guess this positive post would be about them, but more importantly about Steven being on the road with a good group of guys.  All Phil's guys are good guys as well.  Everyone has their quirks like a big family, but deep down these are good people; good husbands, good fathers, good men.  

I don't usually go out on a limb and talk about an entire group of people this way or shout a name from the rooftops as if I actually have a personal relationship with them; I don't...I just met them.  But you know when you get the sense you just like someone, for no other reason than that.  They weren't super spiritual, they didn't ooze Christian conversation in order to impress, they were just people.  You could tell they missed their families, their loved ones, just like anyone else.  That kind of realness allows people to see a different side of the musician, worship leader, "rockstaresque" persona everyone thinks they are.  I've met a few of those and it makes me question why they even do what they do.  But, it also encourages me that there are people that exist that are real in this industry.

Go check them out while they are on the road.  This tour should be an amazing one and I look forward to when they all are back in town.  

Grab your tickets people!

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