Can Boys and Girls just be friends?

This topic is to dove-tail onto Anne Jackson's question that has seemingly sparked some fervent conversation.  I will copy part of her post and would like everyone to respond what they really think.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

......can boys and girls just be friends?

......and to what extent?

......if you’re married? single? how do you keep it healthy? without being legalistic?

......what does it mean to “honor your marriage?”

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  1. I personally think that girls and boys can be just friends. I've always been a guys girl...I prefer to hang out with guys rather than girls. I've actually noticed that when I do hang out with girls that I get really annoyed, because I'm not used to hanging out with them. haha.

    But anyways, for me, I can just be friends with guys. I'm not one to pick up on the signals...I'm so oblivious to the obvious! Then I'll find out months later that the guy actually liked me, but never said anything. So I always think it's a platonic friendship, but it's not? That's when the gray area comes in.

    I definitely think it changes when you get married, or are even in a serious relationship. I wouldn't know. I'm still floating out there in the singles world. I'll let someone else answer the married part of the question.



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