The Roommate

Cerissa and I first met out freshman year at Azusa Pacific University. She and I weren't roommates that year but we always hung out in our wing of dorm, First East! Woo Woo!  I'e known her now for almost 6 years and a lot has changed for both of us since we first met! 

Now, she lives in Michigan with her hubby and their new little baby James ------------------------------------------------------------------------>
Isn't he adorable?! He just started walking; she loves being a mama.

Anyways, Cerissa and I started being roommates Sophomore year and we also continued Junior year, until I moved home.  She graduated with a teaching degree and now teaches kids from her home (like private school) so that he can work and stay home with her kiddo.  I'm so glad she has a blog since she's so far away we don't get to see her baby at all!  

She loves dance, disney and running and usually blogs about these things on top of family life! So here is her blog people!  Go for it!

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