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I've blogged about this before, frankly because my job encompasses aspects that challenge me in many ways.  These ideas at my place of work challenge the way I think, feel about religion, and also how I respond to these different ideas; it gives me an unsettled viewpoint of where faith (in its most general sense) is headed.

I recently had a conversation regarding the "country clubs" of the Christian movement and it struck me at first in a way that I got quite defensive over.  How could the Christian faith that I believe in with my whole being, stimulate such an elitist attitude?  Granted,  i've seen this attitude, tasted it, and been a victim of it before.  But, the camp that my viewpoints got put in during this conversation left me with a sour taste.  I was told the belief system that Jesus is salvation, is very "country clubesque" and creates a supremacy type feeling in how Christians view themselves.  This observation stunned me and frankly made me really think about my Foundation.  

The "Christology" of people differs across faiths and cultures.  I think there are spiritualities and differences within those spiritualities that are moving, encouraging, and influential and in my culture, wouldn't be seen as the "norm", but also wouldn't be deemed incorrect.  Every culture/religion has a "norm" because as humans we like to deem things normal or not normal. 

I've been thinking a lot about my foundation lately.  I think of my faith like a slab foundation for a house.  The foundation is carefully laid out.  It is not done in haste.  It is measured and then measured again.  It is put upon the right kind of material and made of the right sorts of materials before pouring, otherwise it will shift and crack.  Upon that foundation you can build anything (a house, a church, a mosque, a grocery store,) whatever you desire.  

The allegory of the foundation with a house represents my faith.  As long as my foundation is strong I can build anything on it (To love the Lord your God and to love others).  It can be customized (this could be the portion of how many of us view God).  It can have different colors of paint and chandeliers inside (my view of the church I choose to worship in or preaching style).  It can be built in the country, the city, or the suburbs (this could represent where I find my calling/passion) and it can house many people (those that I love, those that are in need, etc).  The one thing that has to be in place though is not the paint colors or the chandeliers, but the foundation because without that, the house would not stand.  

I know where my foundation stands and if that puts me in the country club of Christians (non-inclusive) in others' eyes, this makes me disappointed.  Not in myself, but for the people that do not see beyond a religion or a different viewpoint.  Why is the other person that questions my faith, deemed so inclusive when really my viewpoint is not included because they get to say whether or not it is included based on its inclusiveness.  Confusing huh??  Really, this has nothing to do with anything that makes me excited about my life.  My faith is based on a relationship, not on religion. If it was based on religion, then I would be pretty discontent I believe because we as people have this underlying tendency to mess good things up.

Why could I not have a viewpoint that differs from you (I am strong in my convictions).  I would rather have a discussion with someone that believes that their faith is just as strong as mine, but completely disagrees with my theology than with someone that picks and chooses from bits and pieces of all sorts of religions.  What's the point in having faith in everything? Faith to ME (others may disagree) is belief with strong conviction, not of relative truths compiled together.  I like to learn and truly believe that to be educated in all faiths creates a better dialogue, yet this doesn't guarantee that I will change my foundation or that I believe that I am now incorrect because I have expanded knowledge in a certain religious affiliation.  

For me, you lay a foundation on solid ground not on social viewpoints.  If I built my foundation to please everyone else, I wouldn't really be getting the foundation I desired.  It would be what everyone else envisioned.  Granted, I would hire an architect and I would seek advise on how and where and when to build that foundation, but ultimately, it's up to me.  

What is your foundation made of?

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