Let it Snow?

I know this is an image from last year, but when I drove to work today around 6am there was frost that was thick enough to be called snow in Claremont, CA.  The rooftops on houses seemed to have some remnants of the frosty night as well.  I'm in my office currently and my right hand (the hand the holds the mouse) is literally frozen to the point I can't feel it anymore.  Us Californians are wimps in this weather....our blood is so thin because its hot the other 98% of the year.  

I'm excited for Christmas and am hoping that the 70 degree weather forecast will turn around and be cold by the time we get to next Thursday.

Did any of you get snow?

1 comment:

  1. I DID I DID!
    (but you already knew that.. sorry to rub it in.)
    oh by the way, its still here! it's 34 degrees in victorville and the snow can't melt. We have like 6 inches left.



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