Pretty vs. Messy

This is a post I'd love to hear some opinions segues from Anne Jackson's Blog and I thought it was an interesting discussion!  I'd like to hear what some of my bloggers think about this topic and the church.

"is it just me, or does anyone else struggle with the tension between "pretty church" and "messy church?"

by pretty church, i mean the lights, camera, and action.

by messy church, i mean the dirty, dangerous, tangible.....

....being the church can look different in different ways and in different environments.

sometimes it’s the excellence demonstrated in a sunday service.

other times it’s the sweat as a team builds a church brick by brick in the dominican.

sometimes it’s children’s program and presenting god in a way a kid’s never seen.

when my messy church sleeves are rolled up and my arms are dirty, i admit it’s easy for me to ask a lot of questions about pretty church.

but in all fairness, the gospel can be acted out in many avenues."

anyone else have thoughts?

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