The Trash Bag Effect

I love the rain.  I always grew up wishing it would rain more where I lived....I never knew why.  Do any of you remember having rainy day schedule in elementary school and your teachers would pull out the cool board games and stuff that were reserved for days like this?  I loved that!I love how fresh it feels and you have that kinda sleepy feeling all day and no one is in AS big a rush as they are on normal sunny days.  Can you tell I love the rain? 

On my way to work today I saw a phenomenon that so often plagues southern CA when it rains.  I call it the trash bag effect!  Since Californians do not get rain but a couple times a year, people don't go and purchase umbrellas.  I think we had one umbrella my whole life growing up (because it lasted that long because it was never used).  Anyway, some of us (myself NOT included) have decided that a cost efficient alternative is the household trash bag.  I literally saw a man with a trash bag made to fit the size of his head.  It wasn't just covering like a poncho (like the above picture) it was a custom made-to-fit trash bag umbrella cap thingy.  Hilarious!

I had a good laugh at 6:45 this morning about that.  What do you love about the rain?

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