Where's Lisa?

Hello again! I have resurfaced.  I apologize for the long break, but life just got really crazy for a while.  I was working long hours and coming home, training for the marathon, not really getting to see this guy.  I'm not even quite sure if I'm ready to blog again as I don't feel refreshed in any sort of way, but am counting the days until Christmas and will then get a much needed break.

I'm still training for the marathon and it is getting harder.  I feel like more and more mentally it gets to me while I run.  This weekends long run was good however, so I know I can do this. What a challenging goal! Whew.

Steven and I just got our Christmas tree last night and set up all the lights.  So perty! We realized that our idea to accumulate ornaments over the years rather than spend money on them to decorate was an interesting idea.  I think I hung our 5-6 ornaments in about 40 seconds! :) Other than that, it was my birthday and Thanksgiving a little while back and I have concluded I don't really care to be wedged in between holidays....you don't get to spread any of the fun out.  

I am excited for this upcoming year.  I sense that the Lord is going to be doing some pretty radical stuff with Steven's career and mine as well.  I will try to stay up-to-date for those of you that pass by.  Sorry I abandoned you all for 3 weeks!

What are your plans for Christmas??


  1. I'm glad you blogged again! I just figured you were really busy, and working as much as you do, I don't blame you not feeling like blogging.

  2. oh good, you are back!

    dave, james and i are going down to georgia because he is the best man in his best friend's wedding. (could i use best anymore??) then we are going to make it back home by christmas (the wedding is on the 20th) because i want to be home for james' first christmas!

    what are you doing?



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