I'm Back!

It's 2009 and my sabbatical from the blog community is officially over.  I apologize to those of you that frequented my blog and then for unknown reasons I fell off the face of the iNet.  Frankly, I probably don't need an explanation, but since so many of you have been so kind to visit my site I felt I owed you.

Around Thanksgiving time work started getting a little nuts for me and well, I just couldn't focus on working 40-50 hours a week, training for my marathon 3-4 times a week for hours at a time, have quality time with my husband, clean the house, cook, and also blog.  I literally had not a spare second and I was getting overwhelmed.  Something had to give for a little while and well, blogging was not a priority compared to everything else.

But, I'm back! I love blogging and honestly, it helps me through the day at work when I get to blog during my lunch hour.

For the New Year go check out the following blogs/sites that I frequent:
  1. Brody Harper : he's the pro that tends to write about all this cool stuff every day.  I wish I could think of that much stuff to talk about that people were interested in.
  2. Erin Smith : she's started doing some cool photography that should be exciting to see in 2009!
  3. Etsy : anything homemade that you can ever imagine! This site is amazing!
  4. Anne Jackson : this author that I found through Brody's site is everything in authorship that I hope to be one day.  Her posts are challenging and though provoking and usually warrant a good response.  If you like responding to controversial topics, this is your site.  
I'm still fixing my site and updating...as switching to my url has given me a little problem.

Happy New Year everyone!  Check back for new topics, blogs and ideas!

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  1. Wow! It sounds like you had a super busy holiday with everything you had going on. I wouldn't be blogging either. But, I'm glad your back. I love Etsy. The stuff is so neat and crafty.



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