The Experience


Yesterday was my 1/2 marathon.  Right now, I'm really proud of myself.  There aren't many things I do for "me" and obviously I ran this for a good cause, but I also wanted to see if I could do this.  I feel good about my time (it's the TAG TIME) and although my percentages and such weren't at the top of my age group, I knew I had done my best.

Many people said, "You'll probably love it so much that you'll do it again."  I don't think I would say that about my experience.  I think I found it hard to focus because there were so many people around.

Mile 3 - I was feeling great.  I was running a steady 5.2 mph pace and felt really good.

Mile 6 - still strong and I couldn't wait to see my family at mile eight

Mile 8 - I felt good and encouraged to see familiar faces on the long journey.  I was more than half done!  I stopped for a little bit to say hi and take a few unflattering photos (which I will post later today, just for the sake of people wanting to see what one looks like after 9 miles)

Mile 9.5 - This is when my body started to feel like it was eating itself.  My hands swelled up to the point of looking like I had but surgical gloves over my hands and blown them up.  It freaked me out because I couldn't really move my hands and it was the first time since starting that I noticed this weird phenomenon.  (Come to find out later, this is normal for runners a lot of times) At this moment I really needed prayer, haha. because my face was swollen (water retention) and I just felt gnarly.  I got through it through and at that moment the wind picked up behind me and propelled me forward.  It sounds like a movie, but it seriously happened.  

Mile 10.5 - I walked about a quarter mile, if that to down some "shark gummies" for sugars and electrolytes, to stretch,  and then I was back at it.

Mile 12 - I felt tired, but invigorated.  This was it.  Only 1.2 miles to go!  The people at the end cheering and smiling were great and I even saw my family there (which out of the thousands of people was kind of a cool moment for me.)

I promise to post pics later today!  Thank you all for your encouragement, support and prayers. It definitely is something I can look back on and be proud of.


  1. Lisa that is so exciting! Good job, girl!

  2. holy crap! 13 miles is so intense! congrats and you did an amazing job! didnt know you swell up like that either. i would have freaked hahah

  3. congrats on doing it! it's a super big accomplishment and nice to check something off you "bucket list!" you should be really proud! you should definetly put up pictures soon!

  4. Congrats again. By the way it was Coach Rutter that I saw. He said he ran the full marathon like 2 years ago.



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