"Oh all the things I've done. And it was all yellow"

A fellow blogger inspired me to do a "color day".  Yellow has and always will be my favorite color.  It's bright and happy and it stands out.  You cannot mistake yellow.  Like blue can sometimes look greenish and purple can sometimes look blueish.  But yellow, it's yellow.  

I encourage you to blog your favorite color with random pics!  

Link your blog in my comments if you do!


  1. This cracks me up. Yellow has been your favorite color since we were wee little 'uns.
    You are far more consistent than myself in this realm- my favorite color has changed at least once! I love it.

  2. Lisa,
    Didn't know if you knew this, but yellow is the color of the year picked by PANTONE for 2009.


  3. I love that yellow is the color of 2009. I was joking that it was the new "red" because everything seemed to be red last year.



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