"Sweet Destiny"

I won't give her much airtime, as she has already had way too much.  All I can say is I was threatening to boycott the show until she was off of it, if she miraculously got through last night's group day session.  These type girls, make me angry.  It's not even jealousy that makes me mad; ya she looks better than me in a bathing suit, I can admit that.  It's the fact that American Idol decided this is the only way they could get an audience's attention by putting someone like her through.  

With how lousy her vocals were, it made me want to try out for American Idol.  Then I remembered, "Oh wait, I'd have to look like a street walker to get that far."  


  1. Haha. Lisa I totally back you on this one! I couldn't wait for "bikini girl" to get kicked off. It made me livid that they let her through!!!! Now I can rest in the fact she is a goner. :)

  2. Gooooossssh. That's so dumb. Please tell me this noob wasn't from CA



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