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This is an unpaid advertisement for some SkörInc. artists.  A friend of ours, Brody Harper, started a business for blogging and social networking of music artists about a year ago.  Since then, things have exploded and his theories on "partnering" or what I like to term Relevant Marketing have been dead on.  

While I have my biases, here are some of the artists that have blogs/twitter accounts/etc. under the management of SkörInc. that have been nominated for a DOVE Award.

New Artist Of The Year* (to vote)

Special Event Album

Female Vocalist Of The Year

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  1. Hey, ya know I have to mention it, Jadon Lavik is up for "inspo. song of the year" and "inspo. album of the year." I had a hand in producing the record, so ya'll should vote for that one too :)



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