What's in a Day?

I like Valentines Day.  It isn't something that Steven and I celebrate with tons of candy or even how some people treat it like it's the most important holiday next to Christmas.  If that's you, that's cool, just not for me.  I don't make a big fuss if we don't do anything, as long as I get a card.  If I get a card, I'm set.  Anything other than that is icing on the cake.  I guess we aren't the most die hard romantics out there, but that's why I love him....I'm going to go home tonight and we'll go to Sushi and that's about it for our evening.  Simple, relaxing, no hooplah, that's us!

What are your plans for this weekend?  


  1. nice! i will be working valentine's day night, because i'd rather be making money. plus i don't even have a valentine, and i'm not so sure i want one. haha.

  2. we stayed in our pj's most of the day and watched movies!!! :) it was relaxing and just good to be together.



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